After detailing the next version of of its mobile operating system, Android O, during its developers conference in May, the next question facing Google was when?

Yes, Android O will come with a raft of exciting new features, but when will it actually appear on our phones?

For Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners, that could actually be sooner than expected.

Google generally releases the latest version of Android for its own handsets around September time, but Android Police's editor has information that it could appear roughly a month earlier.

David Ruddock tweeted that the over-the-air update "will likely" be available in the first two weeks of August.

He cites a "reliable source" for the info, but also advises a little caution on the release date as they are "always subject to change".

Android O brings a load of new features to supported handsets, including picture-in-picture viewing for videos, autofill for passwords and other information in the browser, and many optimisations to improve boot-up time when you start your phone.

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