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(Pocket-lint) - Fed up to the back teeth with overthought product colour names? iPhone 7 Jet Black or Rose Gold a step too far for you to say out loud?

The new Google Pixel phone points a bit of fun at such typically pompous colour names, by introducing three finishes that state exactly what they are: Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue.

We needn't explain those any more than that, eh?

The Pixel phone, which is immediately available for pre-order, is Google's push in its Made by Google campaign, which sees the end of Nexus branding.

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Although Google doesn't technically make the phones - that job goes to HTC - it takes full control (hence the colour name branding) and features its own “G” logo to the rear to show off that it's Google through and through.

The Pixel is the first phone to push Google's new Daydream virtual reality abilities, too, although it seems the VR team doesn't share quite the same sense of humour - the Daydream headset will be launched in 'Slate', with 'Snow' and 'Crimson' following at a later date. Or, to everyone else, that's grey, white and red.

The Pixel phone will be priced from £599 when it launches in the UK. And, no, we're not kidding.

Writing by Mike Lowe.