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(Pocket-lint) - Google is likely hard at work on its next Nexus, and the latest leak indicates it is considering partnering with a Chinese manufacturer to get the job done.

Gizmo China has claimed Huawei is on-board to produce the next Nexus phone, which will replace the Motorola-made Nexus 6. It'll likely feature a 5.7-inch OLED display from Samsung, with a 1440 x 2560-pixel resolution, mirroring recent reports about Huawei including a 2K display on its upcoming Mate 8 phablet.

Huawei also tends to pack devices with its own Hi-Silicon Kirin chip, but the next Nexus device will probably come with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chipset instead. Gizmo China didn't have any other details about the phone at this time, though the rumour mill is hoping it'll ship soon with 4GB of RAM inside.

So, if all the above turns out to be true, the next Nexus will be a hodgepodge of hardware and silicone from several top manufacturers. None of this information has been confirmed by either company, though. We're expecting at least one of them to shed some more light on the device in the coming months.

Google might even debut the next Nexus at Google I/O toward the end of May.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 8 May 2015.