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(Pocket-lint) - Google has already confirmed it will be offering an MVNO network service, dubbed Nova, but now details have leaked.

Google's Project Fi has leaked in an app called Tycho which was uncovered by Android Police in a Lollipop build not available to the public. The other codename, Nova, was also mentioned.

The app reveals that Google will be spreading its network coverage across two providers so as to offer the best constant connection to the user. In the US this will be T-Mobile and Sprint.

The app should also help to spread data from a plan across devices. Users will be able to share one data allowance across multiple devices without the need to buy more contracts.

There are also details of a financing plan that would allow people to get a Nexus 6 and contract, interest-free.

Google may take a unique stance on data charges, only making the person pay for what they use. Then at the end of the month if they've overpaid they will be given the money back. So, presumably, if you pay for a gig per month but only use 500MB you'll get the difference back.

Google will apparently be targeting calls for ads, by tracking numbers called. But before you ditch interest, Google will give the option to opt out of this right from the start.

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While these are still rumours the details show Google is setting out to offer something more than the usual networks deliver. Here's hoping it makes it out of the US this time and brings Google Fiber with it.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.