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(Pocket-lint) - Google Project Ara will be making its way to the world from August, Yezz has told Pocket-lint at Mobile World Congress 2015. It's also shown off its gaming controller module, along with many more, which you can see in our photo gallery above.

Project Ara is currently beginning a test phase in Puerto Rico but by August the rest of the world should be ready to start enjoying the modular smartphone too.

Yezz has been tasked with module creation as part of the project with Google. Yezz was the first company to put WhatsApp into its "price conscious feature phone", it says.

Yezz claims it's the first company to work with Google on Project Ara in this way but it won't be the only one. Specifically Yezz says: "With our agility in development and manufacturing, we will effectively promote and expand this technological evolution."

We've already seen camera modules from Toshiba that we can expect for quick swapping.

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Specifically: "Yezz will be contributing to [Ara's] vast accessibility, collaborating to establish a viable module marketplace that will allow for optimum customisation," says the company. So it sounds like it will be helping to facilitate the creation of modules that can be made by third parties and still all work together on the Ara handset.

Check out the various modules Yezz had to show off at MWC in our gallery above. We're particularly excited about the gaming controller add-on.

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UPDATE: Yezz has contacted us to say: "Google nor Yezz have made a statement regarding to an official launch date or month. The Puerto Rico pilot launch will be later this year and there have been no formal announcements regarding an international launch beyond the Puerto Rico pilot."

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Writing by Luke Edwards and Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 2 March 2015.