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(Pocket-lint) - Project Tango is no longer an ATAP thing. It is now officially a Google thing.

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, which used to be a division of Motorola, works on experimental hardware, including Project Tango 3D-sensing devices and Project Ara modular devices.

Although Google didn't sell ATAP when Lenovo acquired Motorola, it decided to keep the group separate from the company and free to develop projects such as the Project Tango prototype development kit.

ATAP must turn around projects within a short period of time. If successful, the project goes to Google. If it isn't, it gets shut down. Thus, after two years of work, ATAP has announced Project Tango is headed to Google.

"ATAP's innovation strategy is characterized by ambitious goals, time limits, and temporary project teams," explained ATAP via Google+. "We're excited about the continued commitment to developing the technology for our users - we wish our fellow pirates fair winds and following seas."

Project Tango involves both smartphones and tablets. They feature special hardware and software designed to track the full 3D motion of the devices, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment.

It's not a huge surprise that Project Tango has a new home within Google, as Google announced at Google I/O last year that Project Tango devices would launch for consumers in 2015.

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In other words: it looks like that shipping timeline might still be on track.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.