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(Pocket-lint) - Google has revealed its latest efforts in creating a modular based mobile phone, dubbed Project Ara, answering plenty of questions and leaving us with many more.

Aside from a bevy of new information, Google has released a host of new pictures that let us see what the latest version phone will look like and how the hot-swappable elements will work in the real word - magnets if you're wondering.

Excitingly Google is only partway through the project with a new beta version (Serial 3) promised for later in the year. After that, and before the year is out, we'll also get a market ready version, although that is only destined for Puerto Rico of all places, at the moment.

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Regina E. Dugan who rejoined Google as Vice President of Engineering, Advanced Technology and Projects after Motorola was bought by Lenovo in 2014, says on the latest developments that she hopes that the pace of development for the hardware of the phone will eventually match software development cycles already enjoyed by many developers today.

In the meantime we've been given a glimpse of what the phones of tomorrow will look like. The immediate takeaway? Expect trapped lint to be a major factor in your life in the future.

Writing by Stuart Miles.