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(Pocket-lint) - Until now Google Project Ara was the only modular smartphone to get excited about. But now Finnish startup Vsenn has announced it will also be releasing a modular smartphone that should allow users to modify their hardware to create the perfect mobile.

The Vsenn modular phone will allow owners to upgrade their camera, battery and processor as well as RAM. It will also run stock Android with guaranteed updates for the next four years. The back covers can also be changed to personalise the look of the handset.

Vsenn has been started by a former Nokia Android X program manager and promises to "evolve with you". But despite being upgradable the software will remain secure thanks to a triple layer encryption protection with free access to a VPN network and secure Cloud. "Preserving data integrity and your privacy is our main priority," says Vsenn.

At this stage the company is remaining tight lipped about anything else with its site simply saying "evolution is coming". We know Google plans to launch its Project Ara modular smartphone around January 2015 so we'd imagine Vsenn is hoping to either get in there first of launch soon after.

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Check back for more details as they become available.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.