Google is developing a Moto Maker-like experience for Nexus device cases, it's claimed.

According to Android Police, Google is "exploring a tool" - presumabely a new page linked from the Google Play Store - that would allow you to order custom cases and even live wallpapers. This tool is called, for now, Google Workshop, and it's very similar in concept to the Moto Maker site that allows you to customise a Moto X before placing an order online.

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Supposed screenshots of Worskhop reveal it is currently limited to the Nexus 5, though it is unclear if Google will expand Workshop to include other devices if and when the tool officially launches. Workshop's interface currently offers two features for creating custom cases and live wallpapers, and they're called MapMe and Moments.

More specifically, MapMe will let you create a custom case and wallpaper based on a location such as your hometown or where you met someone special. You can also include different colors and text after choosing a location. The live wallpaper feature in MapMe will then incorporate location-specific tweets and weather data.

google workshop will let you create custom nexus cases and wallpapers reveals leak image 5

Moments is different from MapMe. It will let you upload photos for both a case design and a live wallpaper. You will be able to upload photos from your computer or a Google+ album and then edit those images as well as add filters, text, etc. You can also reposition the photos and then manipulate them on the case or even add more photos for the live wallpaper.

Keep in mind Google may never decide to launch Workshop. Nevertheless, we have contacted Google for a conformation or additional details and will update when we learn more.

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