Google is now taking requests for its modular phone, Project Ara. The handset can be modified and upgraded by swapping out parts like the camera, memory, sensors and more. Test kits are going to ship this month.

The pre-release testing isn't for customers in general at this stage as it’s still being developed. The test kits are for developers who are prototyping potential boards for the Ara handsets.

Google is running a Project Ara Developer Prize Challenge with a prize of $100,000 for the best fully working module created by 30 September.

On Google's request form description is says: "We will prioritise requests based on technical experience and the strength of your module concept."

Submissions are expected to be in by Thursday with kits getting shipped out before the end of this month. A second tester review period will kick off immediately and last until 17 August.

Fingers and toes crossed this process is faster than Google Glass so we can get our hands on a Project Ara device by it's planned release date of January.

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