Google's project Ara is a modular phone that will allow users to swap out parts to upgrade the device. Like a PC which can be upgraded, this handset will change the way phones are bought and sold.

In an interview with Time, Ara's creators say they are aiming to sell the device for around $50. This would be a basic model with an exoskeleton, Wi-Fi and a screen but no phone connectivity included. Users can then choose what to upgrade.

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If one person is photography focused he or she can spend the bulk of their budget on the camera. If another wants pure speed, then chips can account for the bulk of that buy. It also means people can stagger their upgrades, saving up for each part in the order they require it.

Google is holding an Ara developers conference in the spring and Paul Eremenko - head of Google's Ara project - says he wants the project to be "great, not profitable".

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