A red Nexus 5 has appeared in a photo leaked to a Vietnamese news website. The souce that sent the picture also claims a yellow version will be coming and both will arrive in late February or March.

While the photo could be a fake, we're inclined to believe there is some truth to this as yesterday we reported on a host of new colours coming to the Nexus 5. The handset will have the usual Nexus 5 specs but simply be available in the new colours.

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A conflict in the two stories is that this shows a vibrant red, whereas yesterday's showed a more dull, metallic colour. So what colours will actually arrive is still in question but colour does seem to be coming in some form. To Vietnam, at least.

So whether there will only be red and yellow or a host of colours, and whether the whole world will get them, are still in question. Since that February announcement date is at the same time as Mobile World Congress we hope to see the new coloured Nexus 5 phones on show there.

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