Google has just announced its Google Play Services 4.1 update. While a few changes have been made those that stood out were the ability to edit Google Drive documents offline, and turn-based multiplayer gaming.

Until now you've needed to be online to make changes to Drive documents. While you could save them offline for reading, without a connection making changes was impossible. When this rolls out users will be able to treat Drive as a local editing platform, while their cloud-based files also update as soon as the device gets a connection.

The other major update we like the look of is turn-based multiplayer. This means while gaming, with up to 8 players online, a user's turn will be recognised by the system to be shared with others. This could be brilliant for team-based gaming where the positions of other players can be pinpointed accurately.

The Google Play Services 4.1 update also improves mobile ads and Google+ sharing.

Expect to start seeing the features roll out in the near future.