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(Pocket-lint) - According to complaints made on the XDA-developers Forum after the Nexus 5 was launched, there were some minor but noticeable issues with the design of the handset.

The first batch of Nexus 5 devices had small problems, such as a "cutting-edge" display frame, protruding SIM tray, and loose and noisy buttons. One member returned his faulty phone and received a slightly modified one, the version that Google is said to now be selling.

Shinral posted pictures on the XDA-developers Forum of the new model along with the first-generation device to illustrate the differences and at least one is noticeably improved. They were taken by infa89 and sent to an Italian forum along with some observations.

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The new model has none of the original reported defects. The buttons are fixed and the microphone and speaker holes are now larger. Not all is good news though, as it is also reported that the new device has a more yellow-looking display and there are some green stuck pixels.

At least the new device seems more sturdy than before, and it's good that the manufacturer and Google have decided to correct issues even before users have had time to get their teeth stuck into them.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 December 2013.