In a flurry of activity, Google has announced yet another device to the "Google Play" editions of popular hardware. This time, the honour of vanilla Android goes to the Sony Z Ultra, the massive 6.4-inch phablet.

We have a lot of love for phablets in general, and when we reviewed the Z Ultra, we did find ourselves rather taken with it. We can see why Google has taken this phone under its wing too, as it has handsets that are 5-inches (Nexus 5) 7-inches (Nexus 7) and 10-inches (can you guess? Yes, the Nexus 10) along with Play Editions of the HTC One and SGS 4 (4.7 and 5 inches respectively) which cover a wide range of device sizes.

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Google has also, today, announced a Play version of the LG G Pad 8.3 with stock KitKat running, for $350 (£219).

As a rule, Google's Play devices don't get launched outside the US. So we won't see the HTC One, SGS4, G Pad or Ultra arrive here. But our American cousins will have this wonderful privilege.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra will cost $650 in its Play edition glory and is available now.

Here is our video review of the Z Ultra, if you're considering a purchase: