Google has been revealed to be working on a new camera API for stock Android that brings, among other features, RAW image file support.

Nokia has added RAW support to its Lumia Windows Phone range in the shape of a Nokia Camera update for the 1520 and 1020, but it is claimed that Google is not far behind. App developer Josh Brown says that work is under way on a new Android camera API that will potentially allows Android devices to store uncompressed images.

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In addition, the API is also said to support face detection and removable or modular cameras. That could mean the Sony QX10 and QX100 strap0on lens cameras, or devices like them.

Much has been written about how stock Android is lacking a number of features for smartphone cameras, even the good ones. It seems that Google is looking to change that in future. Manufacturers will no doubt be pleased to have a new base to develop from.