Good old iFixit, the bods who like to tear gadgets apart, have given Google's Nexus 5 its dismantling treatment. And the results are impressive.

Marked on a score out of ten the iFixit team gave the Nexus 5 an 8, meaning it's actually relatively easy to fix. Compared to the iPad Air's recent 2 out of 10 score, that's very impressive.

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The back cover is stuck down with some glue, but that can be easily removed. Once open handy labels make finding everything easy even for a novice. The battery is also glued in but with the perfect amount of glue so it can be easily replaced.

A rather interesting find, for American users at least, is the inclusion of a Broadcom BCM20793M NFC controller. This means that carriers won't be able to block use of Google Wallet on phones – something that was rumoured to be happening.

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One negative is the front cover's single fused piece. Replacing a cracked screen won't be easy then. As iFixit words it: "Imagine if one cavity meant losing all your teeth. Talk about a hard pill to swallow."