The Nexus, which is already sell-out stock, is going to arrive with some new kit to keep it protected. The Bumpers Cases and QuickCase will also allow you to personalise your handset.

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The Bumper Cases will cost £25 and come in black, grey, red and yellow. From the website shots it looks extremely thin and well cut to look barley noticeable on the Nexus 5, while still adding colour and protection. It's are made with a soft rubber lining and hard outer shell to absorb knocks. They also work perfectly with the Nexus Wireless Chargers. The exact size is 142 x 74 x 10 mm and weight is 19g.

google nexus 5 bumper cases and quickcover let you change colours and protect your new smartphone image 3

The QuickCover is new to Nexus and adds a flap closing face cover to protect the screen of the Nexus 5. This is a little more bulky than the bumper at 74 x 140 x 12 mm and 39g. It also only comes in black or white and will cost £35. But for a screen protector and the ability to lock and unlock by simply opening and closing the cover it seems worth it. The QuickCover will also work with Nexus Wireless Chargers.

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All the accessories are in stock now and will be delivered in one to two business days.