The Nexus 5 has only just had its wraps taken off and already stock is running low. The Google Play Store, which is the only place you can order it right now, has got its delivery date as 8 November.

The phone will be available elsewhere like Sprint, AT&T, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Vodafone and more - but not until tomorrow morning. So while ordering it online now will guarantee you a handset, waiting until tomorrow may result in disappointment: you'll have to wait.

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Ordering it now also means you need to pay the full $299/£299 price right now. But if you follow through to checking out, and are a UK resident, you'll also face a hefty £10 shipping charge for the privilege. Carphone Warehouse, for example, will be selling it SIM free for £295 tomorrow morning. So you could wait and potentially queue in the morning but end up quids in and with the handset in your pocket right away. 

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The black/16GB version is already sold out. If you want another version, you may have to act fast.