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(Pocket-lint) - Google announced Android KitKat this week, or Android 4.4, if you're taking the technical name, the latest version of its Android operating system.

The KitKat moniker follows a long line of sweet or desert-based names for the operating system and follows on from Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb to mention but a few.

Pocket-lintgoogle android kitkat hands on literally image 11

Google has yet to give us any real detail about what the Android update will actually contain. No, we're not expecting four fingers of wafer in the Nexus 5, but it's triggered a run of promotional activities from Nestle, which will be offering Android devices as prizes and so on. The Nexus 5 was spotted in the KitKat statue unveiling at Mountain View. 

In true marketing style, Google teamed up with Nestle to create 500 limited-edition Android shaped KitKat bars. Pocket-lint has been sent two: Number 54 and Number 71.

For Jelly Bean Google sent people an Android figure full of Jelly Beans. This is way cooler. 

We just had to snap a few photos, before we starting munching to show you just how cool it looks, complete in its very own presentation box.

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google android kitkat hands on literally image 13

We couldn't resist. We've gone ahead and eaten the little fella. While the body is a traditional KitKat, the head, legs, and arms are solid chocolate. It still tasted yummy though. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.