Brits with Android devices can now buy and download a number of top TV shows from Google Play. The store has added episodes and series from the BBC, ABC, Sony Pictures Entertainment and more.

Costing £1.89 for the standard definition version of a show, £2.49 for high definition, there's plenty of choice. You could download the first half of season five of Breaking Bad, for example, to catch up on before the last eight episodes of the entire run start to hit Netflix on 12 August. Or The Walking Dead seasons one and two.

For the kids, there are many episodes of Peppa Pig on offer. And for bigger kids, Doctor Who.

Other shows and series on Google Play in the UK now include Luther, Homeland, Family Guy, House, Robot Chicken and Arrow, but there are plenty more on the service to check out.

Many also come with special offers for when you buy an entire series. And some pilot episodes are available to download and watch for free, including those of Justified and the 00's version of Battlestar Galactica.