Microsoft has detailed some of the enhancements that will be arriving in the next update to Windows Phone, including FM radio support for those devices containing the hardware chip. The update is due "this summer" and has been dubbed GDR2. 

The information comes from a Microsoft blog post announcing the Nokia Lumia 925, launched on Tuesday in London.

At the launch event, Nokia told us that its Amber update would be bringing a host of features introduced on the Lumia 925 to the rest of the Lumia line, including Nokia Smart Camera and FM radio support (for all devices except the 620, which lacks the hardware chip for the radio).

However, it seems that the FM radio part of the deal is going to come in a wider Microsoft update that will apply to all devices with the hardware, regardless of manufacturer - so HTC, Huawei and Samsung, as well as Nokia.

Of course, those other devices won't get those Nokia-specific features, but the universal update will also be bringing enhancements to Xbox Music, as well as continued support for Google services with CalDAV and CardDAV syncing, across all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Microsoft's blog post ends by saying that there are "hundreds of other small quality improvements" as part of the update, although some aspects, such as Data Sense, are dependent on support from your network/carrier.

We'll bring you all the details when we hear more about the next Windows Phone 8 update.

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