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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has announced the folks in Mountain View are now activating a whopping 1.5 million Android devices per day.
The new number, revealed at the Dive Into Mobile conference, is a considerable increase from the 1.4 million number that was announced last month. We think it is considerable given we're in the slow months, following the holidays. Google previously announced 1.3 million activation per day in the autumn, so it's definitely keeping plenty of traction.
Additionally Schmidt, who's quick to drop numbers, says Google remains on the way to its goal of activating one billion Android devices in total by the end of the year. Google will have to add 250 million more devices in eight months, an increase from the 750 million Google revealed in mid-March when Andy Rubin decided to step back from Android and take on a different role. 
Google's Android continues to dominate in the mobile operating system realm. According to IDC numbers earlier this year, Google took hold of 68.8 per cent of the market in 2012.
Schmidt says his ultimate goal is to get Android to as many customers as possible, which he sees being achievable when the $100 price point becomes a standard in the industry.
Adding to comments from another Motorola executive today, we can expect "phenomenal” handsets from the Google-owned Motorola in the near future, Schmidt also revealed. Rumours point to a launch of the 5-inch Motorola X handset with Key Lime Pie. 
Writing by Jake Smith.