An eager Nexus 4 user who couldn't wait for Google's cool wireless charging orb to go on sale took matters into his own hands. Using a 3D printer and plenty of plastic, a Nexus 4 charging dock was made. 

Micah Ganske over at Thingiverse made two versions of the dock: one for a naked Nexus 4 and one for the Nexus 4 complete with a bumper. After the printing process and the addition of a hole for the USB charging port, weights were added to the bottom for better hold. 

Perhaps the coolest part of this project was the addition of an NFC sticker to make things a bit smarter. Using NFC Task Launcher available on Google Play, the tinkerer made his Nexus 4 trigger into some pretty cool actions once he sat it down on the dock.

This isn't the first time we've seen some cool handset accessories made with a MarkerBot. A rad removable shell was made for the Nokia Lumia 820, thanks to some spot-on plans provided by Nokia. 

For those who have a 3D printer, the plans are available to download from the source link below.