An online benchmark test has turned up that is purportedly of a device running Android 5.0 - which many believe will be called Key Lime Pie.

The NenaMark2 result clearly states that the smartphone (or tablet) used in the test is a formerly unheard of Sony LT30i, while the operating system is listed as Android 5.0. The LT30p "Mint" turned out to be the Bond-starring Xperia T in the end, so this could be a handset from the same family.

android 5 0 key lime pie appears in benchmark running on sony lt30i smartphone image 2

Pocketnow even surmises that the LT30i may have simply been used to test the first build of the new Android OS, as it is unlikely that such a device would be the first to carry Google's next big push in the smartphone and tablet sector. In fact, there are plenty of rumours that suggest Sony is the manufacturer chosen to make the next Nexus handset, after LG with the Nexus 4 and Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus.

Of course, it's also possible that this benchmark test is complete hokum. A fake. A charlatan. After all, the last Sony Nexus story turned out to be a hoax that fooled most of the tech sites - apart from Pocket-lint, of course.

Pic: (cc) Rakka