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(Pocket-lint) - Google has added Voice Search to its Google Search app on iOS, giving users an alternative to Siri on their iPhone or iPad.

"When you have a question, finding the answer should be effortless - wherever you are and whatever device you’re using," says Google on the news.

"The new Google Search app for iPhone and iPad helps you to do just that, with enhanced voice search that answers any question with the comprehensive Google search results you know and love." 

The update, which was rolled out on Tuesday, allows you to get results by barking your search queries at the app after pressing the microphone icon.

In a quick test on the Pocket-lint iPhone 5 the results are accurate and speedy, with Google showing you its thought process as it works out what you are saying.

"You can get answers to an increasingly wide variety of questions thanks to Knowledge Graph, which gives our search technology an understanding of people, places and things in the real world," Google says.

The app also works in a similar way to Siri by allowing you to give it certain set instructions to do more than just provide a search result. Asking it to play you the trailer of a new movie will instantly fire up YouTube, while you will also be able to ask it simple questions such as what the weather is like where you are.

A quick play with the app and it works as described, giving you answers to your queries, as long as it can work out what you've said quickly - and in many cases it's quicker than via Siri, something we presume Apple isn't going to be too chuffed about.

The app is available now.

Writing by Stuart Miles.