Images of the first ever Google Phone have emerged during the court case between the internet company and technology outfit Oracle.

No, not the T-Mobile G1. Housing a Qwerty keyboard and small display, the unnamed handset was in Google’s road plan two years before the G1’s arrival. 

The handset was originally pitched to T-Mobile but sadly never saw the light of day and the case has even thrown up what some of the specs might have entailed.

Google was said to be looking at an ARMv9 200MHz processor, 64MB RAM, miniSD card slot, two-megapixel camera and a QVGA display with 16-bit colour support.

Somewhat laughable by today’s standards, but remember we are talking 2006. As for apps, again we’re talking minimalist with a dialer, messaging app and contacts, with the likes of Google Talk, Gmail, Calendar and conversational style SMS not expected until later that year.

Oracle has taken Google to court accusing it of infringing copyrights, specifically to do with the use of Java.

Would you have liked to have seen Google release this phone? Let us know what you think.