Last week, UK newspaper the Guardian reported that Google’s business model had been called into question. Additionally, research published online went as far as to speculate that the internet giant makes as little as $3.5 on every phone it sells over the device's lifetime.

However, those assumptions were made on a misunderstanding over a $2.8 million settlement offer in Oracle's lawsuit against Google. The Guardian claimed this represented royalties based on revenue, but in reality, as revealed by Business Insider, it's actually the value placed on the patent at the heart of the court case.

Therefore, none of the maths created by represent Android's true worth to Google. Take the $2.8 million foundation out of the sums, and it is impossible to work out how much revenue Android has raised in four years.

It's probably quite likely that iOS is making more for Apple than Android is for Google, considering the number of apps shifted for the former in comparison to the latter (at present), but without solid evidence that would only be a guess.

Maybe though, Apple's reported $576.3 made per iOS device is prompting Google's rumoured move to make its own tablet device. Thar's money in them there hills.

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