Reports have come in from AndroidandMe that Google is planning a new natural language system called Majel, and that this Android voice recognition software could be with us by the end of 2011 and bring Siri-like features to Android mobiles.

Named from the Federation computer in Star Trek, Majel would likely replace Android's current voice recognition software Voice Actions, but rather than specific commands having to be vocalised, users would be able to make use of Majel's natural language algorithms in order to bring about a far more complex and, hopefully, accurate system. Much like iPhone 4S users can with Siri.

The apparent 2011 release date comes from speculation involving a rumour that engineers at Google's special ideas lab, Google X, are aiming to finish their first release by the end of the year.

Presumably this early iteration will be based around web search, before moving onto the more taxing task of delivering in-phone functions. However, regardless of the timing of the launch Google is in an excellent place to deliver a great product as its massive data reserves should act as a useful tool for language analysis.

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