Google chairman Eric Schmidt has come out all guns blazing (and pointing in Cupertino's direction) in defence of Android, insisting at the Le Web expo in Paris that the mobile platform is the dominant player in the market.

"Android is ahead of iOS already," he said. "In terms of unit volume, new ICS features, prices are lower, with more vendors, more pricepoints - do I need to continue the list?

"Apple has done an excellent job with iOS in terms of usability - but in 6 months thanks to ICS you will say the opposite, because apps vendors are driven by volume. The volume is favoured by the open approach Google is taking."

Schmidt also talked down Google+ as a direct rival to Facebook, instead insisting that the Big G's social network was taking a different approach

"Facebook has really moved the ball forward and it's useful for any company to have competition. We saw an opportunity for something that has more privacy controls than Facebook does," he said.

"It's not just a question of competing with Facebook, it's that information allows Google to be better and that's our objective.

"If you look at technology where one company comes to define one area, you're usually better off doing something different that them. If you try and compete usually don't win. You're better off trying to define something new and offer a differentiator and that's what we're trying to do with Google+, with many more products to come."