Google has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it has started rolling out a new update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Wednesday.

“We're currently rolling out a fix for the volume issue which will reach everyone in the coming week," a spokesperson for the company confirmed to Pocket-lint. 

The news, which will be welcomed by early adopters of the new phone, promises to fix a bug that would see the Galaxy Nexus volume randomly decrease and increase without warning when in use much to the annoyance of those using the new Ice Cream Sandwich powered mobile phone.

Google had confirmed the bug was software related on 23 November:

"We can now confirm that Google were alerted early to this issue and have been working on a fix. It is software related and as you may have seen from various forum and blog posts this morning, they are now able to confirm that they will have a fix. It is NOT hardware related. We cannot yet say the precise date that this fix will be released but it is expected very soon."

That fix is now here.

The phone went on sale on the 17 November on O2 and was expected to go on sale with Vodafone as well at the same time, however the UK network said that it would not be stocking the phone until software “issues” were fixed. The new update could mean that the phone goes on sale on Vodafone shortly.

We will keep you posted.

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