Google is set to hold an Android event on Wednesday 16 November in what many will believe will be the announcement of its Google Music service.

Why do we think that it has something to do with music? Well, there are a number of clues in the type-heavy invite.

Firstly, the invite that has been sent to American publications alleges to be from Nigel Tufnel, band member of Spinal Tap and star of 1980 mockumentary This is Spinal Tap.

Secondly, it uses the phrase, “These go to eleven” as the name of the invite.

For those not sure what that means, there is a moment in the film where the band have amps that go up to 11 rather than 10, because it will be louder.

Incidentally, 11 November 2011 has been deemed Nigel Tufnel Day in the US (11/11/11).

The only other clues in the invite is a T-Mobile logo branded on the building and a small orange Android hiding in the graffiti. Rather than Google Music, it could, of course, be a music focused phone. However, that seems a long shot.

The event, which is going to be live streamed so everyone can watch it, will be held in Los Angeles and beamed to the UK around 10pm (2pm PST).

However, some are doubting that the event is to launch a music service, and whether Google will have all the music labels on board. 

According to, "people familiar with the labels tell me that Sony and Warner Music Group haven’t lined up deals yet, and they’re skeptical that both will be locked in by Wednesday." It believes that EMI is on board, however.

The news comes as Apple looks set to launch iTunes Match in the US next week. It has sent an email out to beta users saying that it will be deleting all their stored songs from the iCloud servers and reminding them to back up their libraries on their computer.

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