BGR reckons that it has got the low-down on the next Nexus device, which it is labelling the Google Nexus 4G, and if proved correct we're looking at an absolute monster of a phone.

For starters how does a 720p resolution screen sound? We know - it sounds like a tiny icons party, but we're still impressed. To make room for the HD display the phone is likely to be sporting a mammoth screen - although space will be saved because the Nexus 4G is going to ditch the physical Android buttons.

Speaking of Android, and the handset will come a rocking with Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0. This would tie in with what Android supremo Andy Rubin said back in February at MWC; that each new version of Android would be launched with new kit. He stated that it was important that new versions were not "just a thought experiment", and that "each software release be accompanied by a hardware component".

Back to the device in question and it will also be packing a 1.2GHz or even a 1.5GHz dual core processor - either an OMAP or a Snapdragon (no Nvidia Kal-El love here apparently) - according to the report. This will be backed up by 1GB of RAM.

As the name suggests it'll also have a 4G LTE connection (possibly with AT&T in mind) and will be capable of 1080p playback and recording. It will also boast a 5-megapixel camera that with an advanced sensor "delivering class-leading image quality in addition to superior low-light performance". There will also be a 1-megapixel snapper on the front.

A Thanksgiving (24 November) date is scheduled for the Nexus 4G's release, which is realistic considering Rubin admitted in May that: "The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there's always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we'll make an announcement at some point in the future."

However, the BGR report also claims that the super phone could come to market sans the Nexus label, as the Motorola Xoom did when it carried the Honeycomb flag.

No word on who's going to make the Android beast, although we've heard rumours that LG could be in the fold for a crack at a premier Android device.