Over in San Fran, at Google I/O, Android boss (or SVP of mobile to give him his official moniker) Andy Rubin confirmed that a new Google flagship device would be coming soon.

Speaking to blog Android & Me, Rubin said: "The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there's always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we'll make an announcement at some point in the future."

Now, with Android's latest mobile version, Ice Cream Sandwich, being officially revealed at Google I/O as well - it doesn't take too much of a leap of faith to surmise that the next version of the Nexus handset will be rocking the new OS.

Plus, Rubin himself said, back in February at MWC, that each new version of Android would be launched with new kit. He stated that it was important that new versions were not “just a thought experiment”, and that “each software release be accompanied by a hardware component".

Froyo launched onto the Nexus One (which landed originally with 2.1), Gingerbread with the Nexus S and Honeycomb with the Xoom. So when Ice Cream Sandwich does finally land, we fully expect it to be on board the next Nexus handset.

As to who gets to make the Google branded phone, well, that's another matter. Although we hear the smart money is on LG.