Take this one with a pinch of salt (or should that be a pinch of sprinkles?) but Google TV could be landing on your Android handset or tablet after the introduction of the Ice Cream.

The suggestion comes from GTVsource.com, who states that Google is planning a big Google TV flavoured Ice Cream announcement at its I/O conference next month - with the Big G looking to merge the AOSP (Android Open Source Code) for three different platforms; Google TV, Honeycomb 3.0 (tablets), and Gingerbread 2.3 (phones).

This could mean that Ice Cream incorporates the three areas, and goes cross-platform with its IPTV platform.

Phandroid has also apparently discovered that the merging could even be the reason that the Honeycomb coding isn't leaving the Googleplex for now.

It's certainly a move that makes sense, as Google TV hasn't exactly set the world alight (did someone say "flop"?) and networks haven't been all that keen to get on board.

But, with the mobile TV market expanding rapidly, the prospect of getting their shows literally into the palms of viewers hands might be too much of a lure for the broadcasters to resist.

We'll be watching how this one develops with a keen eye, so be sure to check back on Pocket-lint for regular updates.

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