A white Google Nexus S has shown up in leaked pictures on a German website, adding to the ever expanding pile of white smartphones - a pile that still has one very noticeable absentee.

The white Nexus S joins the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S, the LG Optimus One, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the LG Optimus 2X in the white-handset club.

Ever since Apple failed to release a white version of its iPhone 4 on time, manufacturers have been keen to create phones in white rather than black. And this, even though Motorola recently told Pocket-lint that its research suggests that the North American market is moving away from the "non-colour". 

The white Nexus S isn't all white (that sounds a bit Michael Barrymore) as its bezel and buttons remain black. But it's probably still white enough to annoy Apple, and that's probably the idea.

There's no news as to when this phone might land in the UK, but we hope to bring you an update soon.

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