The Carphone Warehouse has dramatically slashed the price of the Google Nexus S by £120 - down by almost 22 per cent to £429.99 for a SIM-free handset.

We haven't received word from our CPW contacts as to why the price has been altered, or indeed if people who ordered at £549.99 will be compensated.

We have a theory though - we think that the Carphone Warehouse was visited in the night by three ghosts who showed it visions of its past, present and future.

When the CPW awoke the next morning, it was struck with a new sense of well-being and generosity. Its first move has been to slash the price of the Nexus S and we think the next action will be turning up at its customers' doors with presents and a turkey for the whole family.

We'll keep you updated as to whether this happens or not - in the meantime you can pre-order your £429.99 Nexus S (with "delivery by the end of December" still stated) over at the, or pick up a free one on contracts beginning from £30 a month - which is £5 cheaper than was previously announced.