Google has updated its voice search feature for Android 2.2 allowing your phone to learn how you speak.

“The first time you use Voice Search, you’ll be presented with a dialog to turn on personalized recognition,” says Google.

The service first launched two years ago allows you to give a number of commands to your phone rather than having to type anything.

“We built speech models broad enough to accommodate a wide variety of people, regardless of gender, age, and accents, or variations in pitch, pace, and other factors. But we always knew we could build a more accurate model by listening to your voice, and learning how you -- as a unique individual -- speak. So today we’re launching personalized recognition,” says Google on its blog.

“If you opt into personalized recognition, we begin to associate the recordings of the words that you ask us to recognize with your Google account. We then automatically use these words to build a speech model specifically for you. This speech model enables us to deliver greater recognition accuracy. Although subtle, accuracy improvements begin fairly quickly and will build over time.”

The personalized recognition functionality is currently available for English in the United States.

To enable it, you must have Android 2.2 or higher, and download the latest version of the Voice Search app from Android Market.