Google has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the new Google Android 2.3 update will be coming to the HTC Nexus One in the “next few weeks”.

The news will be music to Nexus One owners as they will get all the new features Android 2.3 offers, except for the NFC functionality which is a hardware requirement rather than a software one.

Rumours are already circulating the net that Nexus One owners are already getting the Android 2.3 update, however Google in the UK couldn’t confirm that was the case.

“It’s coming in the next few weeks”, our spokesman reconfirmed to us over the phone.

The “next few weeks” timeframe suggests that it should drop in the UK around about the same time as the Samsung Nexus S goes on sale: 16 December in the US and 20 December in the UK.

We will keep you posted.