Google has said that its Nexus range will always be the first handsets to get the latest updates in the future.

“Nexus is all about bringing the pure Google experience to consumers through Android. You are always going to be getting the latest upgrades, and the latest software, and the latest innovation from Google”, says the company.

The Samsung Nexus S joins HTC’s Nexus One as the latest pure Google phone, which offers the company’s latest Android operating system, Android 2.3.

The comments made in a promotional video not only confirm that the original Nexus One will also be getting an update, but that Google plans to use the Nexus range as its flagship brand for the Android platform.

UPDATE: Google has confirmed exclusively to Pocket-lint that the Nexus One will also be getting the new Android 2.3 update in the "next few weeks".

Google: Nexus One is getting Android 2.3

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