The Nexus S is official.

And, obviously, so now is Google Android 2.3 - codenamed Gingerbread.

The super smartphone will hit the Carphone Warehouse in the UK later this month (limited availability before Christmas), free of charge on £35 a month contracts, or SIM free for 5p short of £550.

The Nexus S is Google's second branded handset after HTC developed the Nexus One for the search giant earlier this year.

The Nexus S is developed by Samsung, so will combine the latest Android features with the teched up hardware of Samsung's Galaxy range.

"Nexus S from Google is the must-have phone of the year and offers an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge technology and a pioneering operating system", read the official release statement. 

"It is the world’s first phone to run on the latest version of the Android platform, version 2.3 - the highly anticipated Gingerbread - and also features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows the phone to read information from smart objects.

"Imagine walking up to a movie poster, touching your phone to it, and instantly the movie trailer appears on your phone. NFC tags can contain text, URLs, pictures, and other kinds of information".

The device has a 4-inch display (the world's first curved screen none-the-less) that is up to 1.5 times brighter than traditional LCD displays, a powerful 1GHz Hummingbird processor plus dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), 16GB of internal memory, combined Flash and HTML5 technology, improved motion gesture sensors, back and front-facing cameras for face-to-face video chats.

Andy Rubin, vice president, Engineering at Google said, "Innovation is at the heart of Google, and Nexus S allows us to drive even greater innovation for the benefit of consumers, the Android ecosystem of partners, and the mobile industry".

"This device combines hardware innovation by one of our partners, Samsung, with innovations to the Android platform, to raise the bar on what's possible when it comes to creating a powerful mobile user experience. The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy are fantastic partners to launch this phone to our customers".

At the moment Carphone Warehouse is listing the operator as Vodafone and nobody else, however Vodafone when we rang weren't able to comment on their surprisingly exclusive deal. 

There's no network news as of yet, but we'll be bringing you all the Nexus S news as and when it breaks so stay tuned.