A high-ranking Google boss, Ben Saitz, director of Media & Platforms Solutions at Google, as been caught taking pictures of a Google branded bus on a phone that has yet to be officially announced: the Samsung GT-i9020. 

As we've touched upon on Pocket-lint previously, the pictures snapped on the 8 November, and subsequently posted in a public gallery on Picasa, are the closest indication to date that Google is testing the new phone on campus. However, more details have come to light...

Rumours and conjecture on the Internet have already suggested that the Samsung GT-i9020 is the Nexus S, Google's latest, yet to be confirmed, Android 2.3 powered handset.

But what made the Google boss so excited that he has risked leaking the information about the new phone?

Turns out it's a new Google bus complete with Google branding on the headrests and coloured lights in the ceiling.

But Saitz isn’t the only Googler taking pictures with his new phone. Theresa Sobczak, a User Experience researcher at the company, has also been taking photos with the 5-megapixel camera phone and posted them on Picasa - Google's online photo service. As has Benjamin Staffin, a Site Reliability engineer at, you guessed it, Google.

Whether the Samsung GT-i9020 turns out to be the Nexus S or not, one thing for sure is that, when Samsung does announce it, it is likely to be Android powered. And Google tested.