Gingerbread, aka Android 2.3, could be here as early as 11 November for some Android users, according to ?trusted sources? familiar with the matter.

Mobile phone blog Into Mobile says that its trusted source tells them that ?the SDK for this upcoming revision will debut on November 11th?.

The timing, claims the site, is in connection with the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and rumours of an upcoming Nexus Two device.

The week commencing 8 November also sees the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US and, most likely, the roll out of iOS 4.2 for the iPhone and iPad. It suggests that now would be a good time for Google to announce something for fear of being forgotten from the news cycle.

Although nothing official is coming out of Google HQ, that hasn?t stopped the company putting a huge statue of a gingerbread man outside its offices, implying a launch is imminent.  

There is no word as to what handsets Android 2.3 will be coming to first or whether there will be hardware requirements, and thereby no hints whatsoever on which phones will be getting it at all.