These words will cut Steve Jobs deep:

"the definition of open: "mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make"

No really.

The coded message above is the first ever tweet from Google's VP of engineering, Andy Rubin, who took to the microblogging platform to hit back at Steve Jobs' mockery of all things Android.

If you're not bang up to date on your coding, the message is basically a statement regarding the openness of the Android OS.

Jobs had expressed his contempt for Android during an announcement of Apple's record quarter financial results. He said that the iPad's competitors were "dead on arrival" and stated: "Even Google is telling tablet companies to wait for a new release of Android next year...What does it mean when software supplier says not to use software for tablets, and what does this mean when you ignore them and use it anyway?"

The jibe from Rubin is no doubt a direct response to this.

However, don't expect a tweet retaliation from Jobs as he doesn't use the service. But, there's an Apple event scheduled for 20 October over in California and we wouldn't expect it to pass without a sly dig from the Apple CEO.

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