Risen from the ashes of the thwarted Google online phone shop, where once the Nexus One stood so proud, now stands the very useful Google Phone Gallery, which lets you browse the Google-based phones that are available in your region.

The only drawback is that it doesn't include all Android handsets, just the ones with full Google services on board such as Maps, search and other Google mobile apps. For example, the Bing touting Samsung Galaxy S Verizon variant, the Fascinate, is not included.

For the UK there is no Motorola handsets showing up either - so we're guessing the service is a work in progress.

However, it is still a useful tool to browse availability, view specs at a glance and compare phones side by side.

You can customise the list to view as tiles, and even specify by manufacturer and network carriers.

Hey, we all know that the gallery wasn't exactly what the Big G had planned for Google.com/phone, but we applaud it for not giving up.