There is no doubt about it, Google's Android operating system is massively fragmented with users constantly asking when they can update to the newest offering, whether their phones are even updateable and whether they should have just waited that little bit longer.

But just how fragmented is the Android OS?

James Parton, Head of Developer Marketing at Telefonica, MEF Global Board Director, and joint organiser of CIM Technology Marketing Group is claiming that based on Google's official global shipment numbers the biggest Android OS currently is Android 2.1 followed by Android 2.2.

"Android installed base data: 41.7% v2.1 28.7% v2.2, 17.5% v1.6, 12% v1.5 #mobile20 #developers #mobile" Parton tweeted on Monday evening.

The numbers show that while the vast majority of Android users are now using either version 2.1 or 2.2, almost a third of Android phone users are still stuck on Android 1.6 or even worse Android 1.5 without the ability to upgrade either because the hardware isn't powerful enough or because the phone manufacturer has chosen not to support the device further.

In August, statistics from research firm Canalys suggest that shipments of Android handsets have increased 886% year-on-year from the second quarter of 2009, something these numbers also suggest based on the heavy dominance of Android 2.1 most likely thanks to device like the HTC Desire.