Google is to hold an Android-specific press conference in its San Francisco office on the morning of Thursday 12 August (US time), where it will be "unveiling a couple of cool new mobile features".

So, much like Pocket-lint did on the eve of Apple's hastily arranged Antennagate event, we've taken the time to mull over what these could be, and have come up with the following ideas - some brilliant, some less so. Ten points to the correct prediction...

"Could this be the official launch of Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)? Probably not, because it's only been 3 months or so since Froyo got its first outing. But, then again, there was only a gap of 1 month between 1.6 (Donut) and 2.0 (Eclair)".

"Or, could the big G be about to unleash the Nexus Two upon the world. Again, probably not as the device would have no doubt been leaked via HTC XML files by now".

"So, I'm gonna go for something a little bit more mundane. I think it will have something to do with the Google/Verizon net neutrality announcement. I'm slightly worried that we could be seeing a major shift in the way mobile internet is dealt with".

"In light of Google's recent purchase of Slide, it could end up being some kind of social networky type announcement for Android - especially if its Google Me service ends up being location based. This isn't to say it will be a launch, but perhaps an attempt to whet people's appetites. If so, I'm sure it'll be dreadful, with terms like 'synergising', 'connecting', and 'sharing' being bandied around all over the place".

"Having been spot on predicting the Apple announcement, I’ll put my neck on the line and say that Google won’t be showing off anything new. I think the company will take the time to point out some of the integral Android v2.2 features ready to be exploited by developers. I think they will focus on partners and APIs, and use it as an opportunity to point out that Android is an open and flexible platform, like a 'we already do that' announcement, aimed at taking some of the shine off Apple’s latest mobile changes".

"It may not be exciting but I believe Google's mobile announcement on Thursday is likely to include better support for advertisers and better support for Apps within the Android offering. Of course, they could follow the crowd and announce the option of video calling, but that would require most owners to refresh their hardware (yet again) to benefit".

"It could also be Android 3.0 - which would be very exciting".

"It’s hard to tell why Google chooses to make some announcements in public and others, often equally as big, by casually posting it on the company blog. The natural assumption would be that it’ll flesh out a few details of Gingerbread that we got a sniff of a few weeks’ back, but that might be a little bit dull".

"Instead, I’m hoping for something a bit more headline-friendly, like the way Google came in with Google Maps for Navigation and handed a bit of a shock to the satnav industry. I’m thinking, maybe something to do with TV streaming. Maybe some way to link up Google TV with your mobile when it arrives and perhaps, on a more basic and useful level, there could be something to do with better cloud syncing and storage service for Android".

"Whatever it is, it should be interesting".

"Perhaps it has something to do with the discovery of the first Android Trojan-SMS virus, and Google is keen to alert its user-base of the specific malicious software that's out there, then highlight a security patch which closes that specific case once and for all".

"Or maybe it's FaceTime related, and the company is to go into battle with Apple over video calling, having secretly been working on an integrated solution all the time, unbeknownst to us or any of the other major tech sites".

"To be honest, that doesn't seem likely at all, and many other analysts are poo-poohing the idea before it even gets out of the gate. Maybe it's a feature that will be reserved for Android 3.0, they guess. And that's why I'm plumping for it, after all, I've always been seen as a 'bit different'".

"Google Ogle - the new x-ray camera app for Android...? Or Go-ogle, if you like".

So there you have it, a wild bunch of predictions. Of course, Pocket-lint will bring you all the news as it happens. And, hopefully, one or more of us will be right.

What do you think will be the major announcement, if, indeed there even is one? Let us know in the comments below...