You couldn't imagine Apple not selling the iPhone directly could you?

Well, that's the situation Google is now in, as it has withdrawn direct sales of its flagship mobile phone - the Nexus One (which is technically a HTC handset, but that's another story).

We warned you it was coming as Google had stated on 17 July:

"Earlier this year, we announced that we will be closing the Nexus One web store. This week we received our last shipment of Nexus One phones. Once we sell these devices, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from Google".

It appears that the final shipment has now run dry. The landing page over at Google now just has this:

the nexus one is no more at least directly from google that is  image 2

You can, of course, still get a Nexus One elsewhere, including from Vodafone in the UK.

Let us know what you think of the Nexus One episode. Is Google finished as an online retailer, or was it merely testing the waters with the Nexus One?