Google has officially announced what most people already knew and given Android 2.2 previously codenamed Froyo the green light for launch.

Android 2.2 will be the latest update to what many worry is quickly becoming a fragmented operating system, that will leave some users confused as to what they can and cannot do with their Android phone.

New features include the ability to create your own personal portable hotspot functionality, support for Adobe Flash within the Android Browser, and improvements to Android Market.

Google offered a preview of an upcoming web-based version of Android Market and an update to the native Music app, which will allow users to access their music from Android-based handsets.

For developers, we shouldn't forget about them should we, the company says that Android 2.2 also delivers powerful new tools and options for developers including performance & speed enhancements; new enterprise capabilities; the addition of the V8 Javascript engine to the Android browser; and a rich new set of APIs and services.

While developers can download the new version of Android 2.2 SDK and Android NDK, consumers with phones like the Nexus One will have to wait for a couple more weeks.