Google has promised that the next version of its Android operating system, currently codenamed Froyo, will sport a full working version of Adobe's Flash Player allowing owners of the latest Android powered handsets to watch web videos from their phone.

The move, which is surely designed to aggravate and play against the lack of Flash support in Apple's iPhone and iPad models, is the latest action by Google in supporting Adobe and its web video offering.

Sometimes being open “means not being militant about the things consumers are actually enjoying”, Andy Rubin vice president for engineering at Google told the New York Times, in a wide ranging interview about the open source OS backed by Google.

Android 2.2 is the next version of the operating system and comes hot on the heels of version 2.1, which was launched with the Nexus One in January.

Since then HTC has launched the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, both of which support the current 2.1 offering.

Although a date is yet to be set for the new OS update, rumours on the Internet suggest it will be in the next couple of months.